Head of Rodin by Roland Piché

Roland Piché ‘s Head of Rodin illustrated a  study day about  Auguste Rodin on  18th June 2013 at Gallery in the Garden, Great Saling, Essex. The following is an extract from an entertaining  talk on the legacy of Rodin’s work.

” You also have stood with your bare feet in the soft mud and felt it ooze between your toes and squeezed the stuff of life in your hands and felt it respond, as Rodin has done. Who has not held dry sand in their hands and let the grains fall through their fingers and not detected something so simple and so profound that would seem to belong to another language and world?  Who has not felt the light of the hot sun and its warmth dry ones wet body into delight as Rodin has also done?  Who has not looked into the sun as if into ‘ the eyes of God ‘ and not been consumed by the experience of  ’oneness’?  When in this  state and condition,  one is unable to see the world and can only turn ones back against the sun to see the wonders of this world in all its colours. With its details illuminated before us in all their splendour, who cannot be moved? ”